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Hanging with GCooler

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We all know that the Internet has revolutionised the way we share and digest media, and unless you've been living on an island for the last five years, you'll also know that the new channels of social media have democratised how we engage with the world.

These days you don't need to be a movie star to become famous. YouTube has created a new breed of celebrities, and so too has Instagram. One of the big names of the London Instagram scene is GCooler, otherwise know as Avy G. Levy. When he's not busy shooting amazing cityscapes of London with his Leica, he posting them on to his Instagram account, where he's gained more than forty thousand followers.

I did a quick and dirty shoot on a London backstreet with the man himself, before rain stopped play and we dived for cover and a coffee at a nearby restaurant.

You can follow Avy's instagram account at, and you can find me at

Avy G. Levy by Chris Brock
Avy Levy by Chris Brock
GCooler by Chris Brock

At the Home of the Dons

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Last week I was doing a shoot up at the Milton Keynes stadium, which is home to the MK Dons.

As I was about to pack up I bumped into Joe Aylett, the head groundsman at the stadium, who was busy overseeing the pitch being pulled up before the grass is reseeded, ahead of the new season.

We got talking about the 6-year-old stadium, which was opened by the Queen in 1999, and Joe kindly let me take his photo.

I've heard people talking about how being a photographer is like having a passport to visit new places and meet new people, and this is a perfect example of just how true that is. I'm not a football fan, so football stadiums always seem pretty amazing to me, and getting the chance to head out on to the pitch and capture a few shots is always a great experience.

Joe Aylett by Chris Brock
Joe Aylett by Chris Brock

Exhibition: 13 at Lauderdale House

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I've got a new exhibition opening this week, called "13 at Lauderdale House". And you're invited to come along to the private view!

The title of this group show comes from the fact that I'm one of 13 photographers who will be showing their work, and it's taking place at London's prestigious Lauderdale House. And it's going to be fantastic!

13 at Lauderdale House

I'll be joined by some of the UK's top names in fine art photography. In no particular order, the exhibitors who I'll be sharing wall space with are:

  • Gwen Campbell
  • Marcus Fernando
  • Tony Hale
  • Avril Harris
  • John Harris
  • Adrian Johnson
  • Gordana Johnson
  • Adam E Justice-Mills
  • Chris Moxey
  • Rob Padley
  • Andrew Ridley
  • Duncan Unsworth

The exhibition runs from the 13th to 24th of May, and the private view will be taking place on the 13th at 7.30pm until 9.30pm, so come along and hobnob with some thoroughly interesting people in one of London's most fantastic and iconic venues.

The address is:

Lauderdale House
Waterlow Park
Highgate Hill
N6 5HG

See you there!

Cover Shoot with Sally Light from MND Association

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Last year the Ice Bucket Challenge took the world by storm, with people in their thousands dousing themselves in freezing cold water.

Many charities benefited from the extra awareness this raised, and one of the biggest beneficiaries was the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association, who received a £7 million boost to their donations as a result.

Third Sector magazine commissioned me to photograph Sally Light, the Chief Executive of the MND Association for the cover of their latest issue. The magazine includes a feature on how the charity put this money to good use, and how the Ice Bucket Challenge gave them a much bigger public profile, along with the film The Theory of Everything which told the story of Professor Stephen Hawking, who is perhaps the most famous sufferer of this debilitating progressive neurological disorder.

We spent the morning in the sunshine with a bucket of ice capturing these shots for the magazine. Sally, who is also a keen cyclist, has surprisingly strong arms, which must have been aching by the time she put the bucket down!

Third Sector cover by Chris Brock
Sally Light by Chris Brock
Sally Light by Chris Brock 2

Cat Show

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Donna Lipowitz is the director and documentary maker behind films such as Dog Dancing School and, most recently, Cat Show. This latest film follows blind cat-lover Carly as she travels around the UK and Europe with her cat Tango, and explores the world of competitive cat shows, giving a fascinating insight into a side of life that most of us will be unaware of.

I spent an afternoon with Donna talking all things cats, and shot some fun pictures with her at her home in North London.

Find out more about Cat Show at

Donna Lipwitz by Chris Brock

Get on board (charity update)

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You might have noticed that I've been doing a bit of charity fundraising lately. Part of that involves running the London Marathon in a couple of weeks time (sponsor me here!) and I've also been doing things like selling prints of my work, and holding a local portrait marathon, all to raise money for the fantastic charity SCOPE.

I've also been carrying out a sport-related photo project. It seemed appropriate considering the London Marathon, and the latest of those shoots was with two skateboarders, graphic designer Ant Willis, and photographer Rachel Lipsitz.

Ant Willis by Chris Brock
Rachel Lipsitz by Chris Brock

The reason I'm trying to raise money for SCOPE is because it's a charity that's very close to my heart. As any creative freelancer will tell you, it's not always an easy business, and when I was only a few years into it, I had to supplement my income with another job. So I worked three days each week for three years as a support worker and carer for people with disabilities. Ultimately, I ended up working exclusively with one person, a young doctor who suffered from a degenerative neurological condition call spinocerebellar ataxia.

The condition took hold fast, and in less than a decade it had taken him from being perfectly able like anyone else, to being unable to walk, hold a pencil or even talk. While still mentally sharp, and with the keenest wit you could imagine, he needed my help to do even the most mundane things like talk on the telephone, go to the loo, type up his work, and even eat his lunch.

Over the years that I worked with him, Dr Shakeel Bhatti became my friend as well as someone I helped get through the day. So it was devastating to learn that just before Christmas he passed away.

Working with people like Shakeel, you realise just how difficult having even a small disability can make life. Public transport becomes impossible, communicating with other people a mammoth task and even getting access to the funds that you need and are entitled to as a disabled person is no mean feat - not least because this government has made it even more difficult that it has been in the past to find out what you're entitled to, and to claim it.

Which is why I'm trying to raise £2000 for SCOPE. They work hard to make things easier for the disabled. Whether it's finding suitable housing, helping people to find out what support is out there for them, or helping with respite breaks for carers, they provide an invaluable service.

But I need your help. I'm very close to reaching my fundraising target, and with one final push I can get there. So please SPONSOR ME in my London marathon effort, and spare whatever money you can to help me get there.

In the meantime, here are the other image from my sport photo project.

Bash by Chris Brock
Tennis by Chris Brock
Yoga by Chris Brock
Laura by Chris Brock