An Autumnal Commission

Most of my work is commercial - that is, it comes from newspapers, magazines, television channels and that kind of thing. But every now and then I get a personal commission, and last month I was contacted by Francesca Hardy - the women behind Child of Bones - to do a shoot with her, her partner Rajen, and their dog Bowser.

Now, Francesca is a celebrant and a modern-day witch, so it made sense to do the shoot in a churchyard. It's a place which symbolises the most significant moments in life, and seemed appropriate for the style that we were looking for and the tone of the images. The results really reflect the warmth of the season and the location.

Francesca and Rajen by Chris Brock
Francesca and Rajen by Chris Brock
Francesca and Rajen by Chris Brock

The Readers

I love my job. I really do. It opens doors and takes me to places I would never have normally get access to. Sometimes that's football stadiums, sometimes it's racetracks, and sometimes it's other people's homes.

I recently shot the fantastic home of Kay Hughes and Richard Lavington for the interiors section of the national newspaper Metro. If you're into design and architecture then you'd want to live there too, and as much as I tried I couldn't persuade Kay and Richard to move out and let me have their place, so I had to make do with getting some great pictures instead. These two portraits are my favourites from that shoot.

Kay Hughes by Chris Brock
Richard Lavington by Chris Brock
tear sheet1 by Chris Brock
tear sheet 2 by Chris Brock

The Curator

If you saw my previous post you would have seen that I had some work in the 27th annual LIP exhibition. 

I love galleries - spaces that exist solely for the celebration of art, peaceful temples of contemplation and inspiration. So I thought it would be great to ask my colleague, and exceptional photographer John Morris, to pose as an art curator for this image, during the hanging of the exhibition.

The Curator, by Chris Brock

27th Annual LIP Exhibition

London Independent Photography (LIP) is a community of around 500 photographers, both professional and amateur, who get together at their various satellite groups to chat about the art, share their work and learn new ways of seeing from each other.

I've been a member for two years, and was very excited when a couple of my images were chosen for inclusion in the group's annual exhibition, which this year took place at the Embassy Tea Galleries, right in the heart of the city.

On of the images that made it through the selection processes was my portrait of filmmaker Donna Lipowitz, a personal favourite of mine.

LIP is a great forum for anyone interested in photography, and has satellite groups all over London. If you're interested in joining, check out the website at

Cat Show by Chris Brock

Photographing Adam Pero

As well as doing editorial and advertising photography, I do a lot of smaller, more personal commissions too. Earlier this month I was contacted by Adam Pero, who needed some portraits for his company's website. Adam runs a business called iMove Estates, which takes a new approach to buying and selling property by changing the way estate agents work. 

As well as doing some very formal portraits, we also got a bit more creative with our lighting and produced something that was a great deal of fun for both of us. I'm really pleased with the final images.

Adam Pero by Chris Brock
Adam Pero by Chris Brock

Association of Photographers Awards 2015

The beginning of the month saw the 32nd AOP Awards, and I'm very proud to be able to say that I was a finalist, with my portrait of Niels Rasmussen being chosen for the exhibition.

It's a great honour to be able to share wall space with such great photographers as Nick Meek, Olly Burn, Jon Enoch and Julia Fullerton-Batten, to name just a few of the many great photographers whose work was displayed at the awards exhibition.

The awards night was great fun, with the ceremony compered by radio DJ Robert Elms, and was a great chance to mix with other photographers and people from the business. All in all a great night, and here are a few blurry phone pics from the event.

AOP Awards by Chris Brock
AOP Awards by Chris Brock
AOP Awards by Chris Brock
AOP Awards by Chris Brock
AOP Awards by Chris Brock
AOP Awards by Chris Brock