Zoot Woman by Chris Brock

Credited as being the founding fathers of the electroclash movement, British band Zoot Woman recently launched their fourth album, the excellent Star Climbing. As well as producing their own unique sound, they've also worked (in one guise or another) with acts such as Madonna, Scissor Sisters, Armand van Helden and Felix Da Housecat.

I was approach by the band to create promo shots for the new album, and shot lead singer Johnny Blake ahead of the launch last month.

Zoot Woman are currently performing in Europe and are soon to embark on a US tour. If you get a chance you should try to catch them live. These guys really know what they're doing

Zoot Woman by Chris Brock
Zoot Woman by Chris Brock 2
Zoot Woman by Chris Brock 3
Zoot Woman by Chris Brock 4
Zoot Woman by Chris Brock 5

Call the Birds by Chris Brock

While I was over in Denmark this summer, working on my portrait commissions for the Bunkerlove festival, I met Suzette Gemzøe & Thomas Seest. Their contribution to the festival, entitled "Frühstück für vögel" was an installation that took a lot of guts. Literally, almost half a tonne of fishguts, placed on the roof of a bunker on the beach at Furreby near Løkken. The idea was that the fish innards would attract swarms of gulls which would themselves become a living, analogue work of art, constantly moving, changing and evolving. An inspired (if a little smelly) conceptual piece of art. Fabulous stuff!

uzette Gemzøe & Thomas Seest by Chris Brock

Cold Drip Coffee for Metro by Chris Brock

It's all the rage among coffee lovers, and one of the best places in London to find it is at Anges De Sucre, where Reshmi and Mitch prepare the best cold drip coffee this side of the Watford Gap (and their macarons are pretty good too)! 

It gets its name from the process, whereby cold water is slowly filtered through the coffee grounds over a 24 hour period, drip by drip, resulting in a mellow flavour which, when served over ice, is refreshing on a hot summer's day. 

I went down to Anges de Sucre to photograph Reshmi and Mitch for Metro, and you can see the images in today's edition of the paper.

Photo by Jenny Reilly

Photo by Jenny Reilly

My Body, Your Room by Chris Brock

Another set of images from my time at the Bunkerlove festival in Denmark this summer. This time they're of Sandro Masai, a dancer who staged an amazing improvisational performance, entitled "My Body, Your Room."

But Sandro isn't just a dancer. He's also a design technologist, and his dance was scored by the sound of his own heartbeat. A heart monitor strapped to his chest fed back to an amplifier which turned each beat into sound and light, which Sandro danced to at each of the two hour performances. By slowing his heartbeat he could slow the tempo of the sound and light, and by speeding it up the rythmn of his sensory performance increased.

Taking place in a small, concrete bunker on the beach at Løkken, the performance was not just amazing, but intimate and quite overwhelming.

Michelle Mitchell for Third Sector Magazine by Chris Brock

I headed down to the headquarter of the MS Society  to photograph their chief executive Michelle Mitchell for Third Sector Magazine. Multiple Sclerosis affects more than 100,000 people in the UK alone, and the MS Society has firmly got their back, funding research into the illness, campaigning for change on their behalf, being a point of support for those who live with MS day in, day out - and a whole lot more besides.

To find out more visit www.mssociety.org.uk

Michelle Mitchell by Chris Brock
Michelle Mitchell 2 by Chris Brock
Third Sector mag tearsheet by Chris Brock

Announcing my charity photo project by Chris Brock

Next year I'm running in the London Marathon to raise money for the wonderful charity, Scope. With a stated aim to make Britain a country where disabled people have the same opportunities as everybody else, they work hard to provide support, information and advice to disabled people and their families, in order to make their lives a little bit easier.

I'm fundraising, and you can help by sponsoring me in my effort to run 26.2 miles next April (it's a REALLY long way). And if doing a good deed wasn't enough, I'm offering a couple on incentives:

  • The person who makes the biggest donation via my sponsorship page will get their very own portrait shoot, carried out by me (as long as they live in the UK).
  • One of my sponsors will be chosen at random to receive a signed print of their choice from my portfolio. It could be you!

I'm also starting a new charity photo series. Each month, in the run-up to the marathon, I'll be shooting a new, sport-related image. When the marathon's done, prints will be auctioned off to help me top up my fundraising and reach my goal.

This is the first picture from the series, of my flatmate Laura jogging around Alexandra Palace. I hope you like it, and I also hope you will dig deep and sponsor my marathon effort at: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ChrisBrock1

Charity photo project by Chris Brock

On the beach with Andrew Zealey by Chris Brock

Graduate of the globally-renowned Glasgow School of Art, and now artist in residence in the North Jutland region of Denmark, Andrew James Zealey is known for his abstract works. Recognisable by his striking use of colour, his paintings capture the emotion and power of the sea, and the sensuality of the rolling landscapes.

I had the pleasure of spending time with Andrew when I photographed him for this year's Bunkerlove festival, and saw his method first hand as he set to work bringing one of the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall to life. His colours fusing with the natural passing of time as the elements took their toll on the bunker's concrete structure, and his paint complimenting nature's own relentlessly gentle, yet indefatigable processes. 

He's a good laugh, too.

Andrew Zealey by Chris Brock
Andrew James Zealey by Chris Brock

Build a better burger with ShortList magazine by Chris Brock

I like burgers (who doesn't?), and if you follow my blog you'll know that I like vans, too. So when I was asked by ShortList magazine to do a shoot with a burger van for the cover feature of this week's issue, it was like all my Christmases had come at once!

And it wasn't just any burger van - it was the Bleecker St. Burger van. Possibly the best burgers in the world, if not the entire universe. 

The shoot was to accompany a feature about street food, and ShortList's Mr. Hyde editor, Jonny Pile, had been undergoing training in the Bleecker van to get to grips with just what it takes to make the perfect burger.

Check out the video below to see how we got the cover shot. And yes, I did try a burger. And yes, it really was amazing!

ShorList cover by Chris Brock
Shortlist cover shoot by Chris Brock
Build a burger by Chris Brock
Burger van by Chris Brock
ShortList covers by Chris Brock

In the dunes with Marit Benthe Norheim by Chris Brock

Sometimes in this life you feel very lucky, and being a photographer I'm thankful every day that I get to meet some amazing, interesting people in amazing, interesting places.

One such person is Marit Benthe Norheim, one of Denmark's most important sculptors, and the mother of Sigrid, the dancer I photographed on the same day. I've actually been fortunate enough to photograph Benthe before - a year ago when I got the chance to visit her workshop where she was working on her massive ongoing "boats" project.

And this summer I photographed her again in the dunes at Hirtshalls, Denmark, near the entrance to a WWII bunker which housed a figurehead from one of her boats. This is another image shot for the amazing Bunkerlove festival, and again I feel very lucky to have been a part of such an amazing event for a second year running. 

Find out more about Benthe and her amazing work at her site www.norheim.dk.

The Friday Wrap 15.08.14 by Chris Brock

It's funny how you get emotionally attached to objects. I still have my first teddy bear from when I was a baby, and of course my camera is my best friend. But when my wife bought a little red Daihatsu Hijet van for her business, I didn't realise how fond of it I would become.

She promptly named the van Rosie, but I preferred to think of it as The Brockmobile, and as well as taking it all over the country on photoshoots, it also came with us to places like the Glastonbury Festival, when we installed a sink and sofabed in the back. Lots of good memories were created with the help of that little van.

So it was a sad day when recently we had to say goodbye to our beloved little two-seater. After an MOT failure we just couldn't get hold of the parts. But she lives on, and has gone on to live with someone who can look after her, get her back into shape, and will ultimately turn her into an environmentally friendly electric workhorse.

So I thought it was appropriate - as a kind of tribute - to put together a little gallery of iPhone images of Rosie/The Brockmobile. She was great fun!