Owen Sharp for Third Sector Magazine by Chris Brock

I love shooting for print. There's nothing quite like getting a copy of the magazine with your picture on the cover and being able to hold it in your hands. So it was great when the latest issue of Third Sector magazine arrived with an image from my shoot with Owen Sharp, director of Prostate Cancer UK on the front.

It was great shooting Owen because he was game for anything - even standing in the rain for a few final shots outside their office next to HMS Belfast. While the directors of many companies might prefer to stay indoors, warm and dry, Owen appreciates the importance of getting out there and spreading the word about his charity, and will do almost anything to help that. Prostate Cancer is one of those illnesses that doesn't get enough coverage, and that people (particularly men) can be a little reluctant to talk about. Which is a crying shame, as more than 10,000 men die from it each year in the UK alone, and 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with it at some point in their lives. So the more people like Owen can spread the message about getting yourself checked, the better.

Owen Sharp by Chris Brock
Owen Sharp by Chris Brock
Third Sector by Chris Brock
Third Sector by Chris Brock

Quick Portrait Session with Despiser Minelli by Chris Brock

I've worked with the London Rockin' Rollers before. They're a bunch of meanies who like nothing more than taking chunks out of other Roller Derby teams - and that's before they've even had breakfast.

Before Christmas I did a quick shoot with one of their team members, Despiser Minelli. It was quick because I was so frightened I could wait to get out of there. I've seen what these guys do during their matches, and didn't want to end of like their opponents at the end of a game. Fortunately, I managed to escape relatively unharmed.

Despiser Minelli by Chris Brock
Despiser Minelli by Chris Brock
Despiser Minelli by Chris Brock

Kingsman: Gentleman Spy, for ShortList by Chris Brock

A proper gentleman spy should know how to handle his knife and fork as deftly as his umbrella or his machine gun, should be adept at dog handling, and should know how to conduct himself in polite society. At least, that's what I learned when I spent a day at the Kingsman Academy with ShortList journalist Alex Christian.

The day was organised to promote the new action film starring Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson, and was a lot of fun. It's not every day that you get to play with machine guns and puppies within half an hour of each other, let alone be taught how to walk while balancing a book on your head and measured up for a tailor-made suit.

To see more pictures and find out just whats involved in becoming a gentleman spy, check out today's issue of the magazine. I could tell you myself, but then I'd have to kill you. Obviously.

Kingsman Academy by Chris Brock
Kingman Academy by Chris Brock
Kingman Academy by Chris Brock

Mo' Mojo by Chris Brock

It's not often that you get to photograph rock legends, so when I was invited to photograph Kevin Smith, lead guitarist for the iconic Mo' Mojo, I couldn't say no. Pictured here in his trademark porkpie hat and with his beloved Gibson Les Paul and DB9, the clouds parted long enough to give us a bit of sunshine for this shoot.

Mo' Mojo are still touring, and raising a lot of money for charity, so if you can get along to see them live, you really should.

Kevin Smith by Chris Brock

Looking back at 2014: Year in Review by Chris Brock

The start of a New Year is a time to look forward to all the potential that the next 365 days will offer. And it's also a time to look back at what's been achieved over the previous year, and photographers love to take a look back at their favourite images from the past twelve months and the adventures they've had making them.

For me 2014 was a year packed full of exciting image making, with exciting people in exciting places. Much of my summer was spent in the North Jutland region of Denmark working on a commission for the amazing Bunkerlove festival, and I managed to fit in a trip to Copenhagen to work on a commission for Crack Magazine and produce some personal work down there too. And I flew further afield to Nha Trang in Vietnam where I photographed the country's greatest living photographer, Long Thanh.

I also traveled the length and breadth of Britain capturing portraits everywhere from Brighton Beach to the Glastonbury Festival, to remote parts of Scotland for clients such as Carphone Warehouse, ShortList Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and the Charity for Civil Servants.

And I got to meet some amazing people. From master lithographer Thissen in his studio at the Grafiske Værksted in Hjørring, Denmark (quite possibly my favourite image of the year), to the wonderful and inspiring Gillian Eweis MBE, who was formerly a prison chaplain at the Full Sutton maximum security prison, and founders of the electro-clash scene, Zoot Woman.

It's been quite a year, and I've produced work that makes me feel pretty good. I'm looking toward 2015 with an eagerness to keep on going. The gallery below is a selection of my favourite images from the last year - click any image to view it full size. I hope you like them as much as I do, and I hope we all have a fantastic year ahead.

My favourite Instagram images of 2014 by Chris Brock

With the new year fast approaching, I generally take a moment to look back over the work I've done over the previous twelve months, the places I've been, and the experiences I've had.

Photographer Chase Jarvis coined the phrase "the best camera is the one you have with you", and in my pocket you'll always find my iPhone. Over the year I've documented my travels on Instagram - from getting married to my beautiful wife Victoria, to hanging out with Harry Borden and Amit and Naroop, to the many flights I've taken to places like Scotland, Hanoi and Denmark - it's all been documented on my phone.

And so here (in no particular order) are some of my favourite Instagram images of 2014. Hope you like them!