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Is Everything Perfect?

Is Everything Perfect?

Is Everything Perfect?

A few weeks ago I was on a whistlestop shooting tour of the world, and we stopped off in Seattle for Brunch. We found a booth at a restaurant called Scout on the corner of 1st and Stewart, and Brad came over to take our order. 

“How you guys doing?”

“Pretty good,” was our typically English, understated response. “How are you?”

Brad paused, and then, with so much enthusiasm it took us off guard, he replied “Life is good!”

Here was a man, maybe late thirties, waiting tables in a Seattle diner. And his enthused response was “life is good.”

Now I’m not someone who is known for their glowing positivity. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, and even when I’ve been riding high, living what most people might describe as “the dream”, I’ve always managed to find and fixate upon the negative aspects of my situation. I had never, ever responded to an enquiry about my circumstances with the words “life is good.”

But in that moment I must have absorbed some of Brad’s addictive positivity. I was in an amazing city, the sun was shining, I’d just flown in from gloriously hot and humid Hong Kong and I’d just met Brad. And something rubbed off on me. I felt immediately buoyed and upbeat. Brad was right. Life IS good. 

The food came and we tucked in. Brad appeared again soon after, and with that same positivity asked us:

“Is everything perfect?”

And you know what, the food was ok. I was exhausted and jet lagged. But in that moment everything really did seem perfect. 

My encounter with Brad left me better off than I had been before. I decided that, from now on, rather than replying with my usual stock reply of “I’m pretty good” or “I’m plodding along,” I was going to be more like Brad. 

If you look at things with the right perspective life really is good, and everything really can be perfect. 

Although our encounter was brief, Brad left a lasting impression on me, and in that moment he became my mentor. From that moment onward I was going to channel Brad and his effervescent positivity. 

We should all be like Brad. We should aim to leave people better off when we meet them. We should embrace a positive outlook and share that energy. Because life is good. 

If things aren’t perfect, how can we make them perfect? How can we change our perspective? How can we change our situation? What actions can we take to change our state of mind and our state of being?

How can we change ourselves enough so that when someone asks how we’re doing we can reply “LIFE IS GOOD”?

So ask yourself “is everything perfect?”

And maybe try telling yourself “yes, yes it is.”