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Laura Bingham: Embracing Extremes to Push Your Limits

Laura Bingham: Embracing Extremes to Push Your Limits

Laura Bingham: Embracing Extremes to Push Your Limits

Laura Bingham is braver than me. She's eaten out of bins, swam in shark infested waters, been alone in the desert and worse. Much worse.

But there's been better, too. Much better. When she travelled across South America by bike, without any money, she was forced to beg for stale bread and scavenge for scraps to keep her going. But there were times where she was overwhelmed by human kindness when she was offered more food than she could possibly eat.

She's an adventurer and explorer, and she's driven to find out her limits, and then push beyond them. And there's a lesson for us all here. When you live a comfortable life you'll never know where your limits are. But if you can find them, and then push them just a little bit, you can grow. You can get stronger, cleverer, better, and you world gets bigger.

It doesn't take huge leaps of faith to become extraordinary like Laura. It just takes little extra steps to go beyond the ordinary. That's all it takes to be extra-ordinary.  And we can all do that. If we just do one thing each day that challenges what we're prepared to do, how far we're prepared to go, that tests the boundaries of our comfort zones, we can achieve more, do more, and be more.

Maybe I can be brave like Laura. Maybe we can all push the boundaries of our worlds. We need to challenge ourselves to be uncomfortable. Just a little bit. 

Every day.

I spent the day with Laura making pictures, and chatting about goals, dreams, adventures and having faith in yourself. You can listen to it on the latest episode of the podcast.