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Made Out of Meat

Made Out of Meat

Made Out of Meat

On my old website I used my blog just to publish my latest photography work. That would make sense, seeing as this website is, as a whole, my photography portfolio.

But I'm not just a man with a camera. Over the years I've been many things. Prior to being a photographer I spent eight years as a journalist, writing for, and eventually editing magazines in London, New York, and working for big global brands like Canon, Unilever and Arup.

I wrote about design for the long defunct magazine New Media Creative in London, and went on the be associate editor of the wonderfully beautiful eDesign magazine, when I moved out to New York shortly after 9/11. 

I've had many lives - I've worked as a carer for the disabled (a huge misnomer if ever there was one) and as a van driver. When I was fresh out of university I worked as a 999 emergency operator, a kitchen hand, I've been a warehouse operative, a graphic designer, videographer, and I spent three months smashing up computers for a data security company as a kind of extended cathartic release. I spent two days approving (or not) mortgages.

So as well as being about my work, this blog is going to be about the other things I do, the thoughts that buzz around my head (both positive and negative) and the things that inspire me and keep me interested, motivated, and alive.

To start things off, here's one of my favourite shorts, featuring one of my favourite actors, Tom Noonan.